How to Recharge your Smile 4G Device

smile 4G

Few days ago I purchased Smile 4G Smifi device, though the network quality is not that strong maybe because they are new in my city. So after using it for like few hours I have exhausted the 5GB data which is included during the purchase of Smile 4G Smifi device both cost $100 or so, I will be sharing with you the process I followed to buy 1GB data ... Read More

Top UI Design Fundamentals to Consider

Image Quality And Size Are Paramount

Today, web apps or websites are not only meant to reach desktops, but with the variety of Internet-enabled mobile devices out there, it is essential to design a UI that can run proficiently on various screen sizes, resolutions and mobile platforms. The increasing mobile traffic on the Internet has made design trend, like responsive design, a ... Read More

How to add Custom post type to WordPress feed


Few days ago I was working on this music site with custom post type for Artist, music, videos, events and lots more. Since I will not be using the wordpress posts type I set out to look for a way i can add Custom post type to Wordpress feed and behold I found one which worked for me and i will be sharing this with you. The reason I wanted to add ... Read More

How to make Money online Through Blogging

make money by blogging

Finding ways to make money online but not getting reliable ideas to realize your dream. How about blogging? If you are new to blogging and do not know its ability to get you huge cash, this article will help you surely to unravel varying mysteries which you never have explored before. Now blogging is something that can get you income for long term, ... Read More